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10 major steps that should be undertaken by the government for the safety empowerment and upliftment

  • Harassment is sometimes unknown term in villages of India. Mostly young girls are not aware that they are being harassed or molested. When they grow up then they usually realize that they were harassed in childhood. Proper education on sexual harassment and how to avoid it should be given by the parents of the girl child. For this to happen the government should start social awareness programs with the help of plays and activities in villages.

  • · Quick action courts should be there. Many women don’t report harassment because the judicial process is very insulting. All kinds of stupid questions are asked like how he touched you, where he touched you, etc and the girl is made to humiliated infront of many. The longer the hearings take place the more the girl is seen as a culprit in our society. Her marriage is compromised , Her mental stability is gone.

  • · Police stations should be made more women friendly. We have seen police men not registering FIRs easily and the victim is mentally harassed in police stations. Police refusing to file FIR should be suspended immediately.

  • · Every Girl should be made aware of self defense sprays ( Devil Will Cry pepper spray from so she can defend herself. It is very important that every girl carries Devil Will Cry sprays.

  • · Street lights are very important as most harassment takes place in the dark.

  • · Free Self defense coaching should be provided to all women in India

  • · Government needs to change the mindset of the people in India that rapist has to be shamed and not the raped victim. This needs to happen through creative plays and ads.

  • · Women safety departments should be there in every company.

  • · Cctv installation should be mandatory in all office spaces so office harassment should not happen.

  • · Ngo like should be approached by the government for conducting awareness activities in slums of cities.

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