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Contact lenses and pepper spray got in my eyes what to do

Please follow the following guidelines in sequence if you are wearing contact lenses and pepper spray went inside your eyes :

  • Remove contact lenses and contaminated clothing immediately.

  • Flush contaminated area with large quantities of cool water or a diluted baking soda solution.

  • Expose the area to fresh air as soon as possible. Do not apply salves, creams, oils or lotions as they can trap the irritant agent against the skin and result in blisters or burns. Consult a physician if irritation persists.

  • Contaminated clothing should be washed or dry-cleaned, as appropriate, prior to re-use to prevent skin injury. Caution: failure to follow these instructions may result in first or second degree burns, severe skin irritation, depigmentation or other skin injury.

Visit for more information on pepper sprays. Pepper sprays are not all the same. few Local pepper sprays are not that effective and won't cause any irritation in your eyes but some pepper sprays like Devil Will Cry are very strong and may require special care if gone inside your attackers eyes. Devil Will Cry is also used by security forces. Although Devil Will Cry is approved to be used by civilians but It's strength is off the charts .We have compared all pepper sprays in India and abroad but as per our research the best pepper spray was Devil Will Cry and we were surprised that none of the Foreign brands could compete to DWC pepper spray.

We advice every innocent and hard working citizens of India to keep DWC pepper sprays.

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