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How to sleep someone with pepper spray?

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

You can not sleep anyone by using pepper spray. DEVIL WILL CRY Pepper spray is used only for self defence which causes attackers eyes to shut and irritation is food pipe. In sometime it causes runny nose due to which the stamina of the attacker is gone and he/she is unable to chase you. You should only trust international quality pepper sprays like DEVIL WILL CRY for your safety as it has the strongest and instant effect on your attacker. You can get it from

In today's world, someone is sexually assaulted every 73 seconds. That is an alarming statistic. Unfortunately, the people most likely to be attacked are the most vulnerable: women, children, and elderly people. So what can be done about this?

While not much can be done on an individual level to reduce the rate of these attacks, people can be prepared by arming themselves with self protection tools, such as non-lethal security weapons. One such device that falls into that category is pepper spray, which is convenient, easy to use even for beginners, inexpensive, and extremely effective. Devil Will Cry offers numerous pepper sprays ideal for anyone, and all are quality tested and come with direct customer support.

A lot of people may feel intimidated when they hear the term, "security weapons," so it helps to have a good understanding of what exactly pepper spray is and what it does. Pepper spray contains an ingredient derived from spicy peppers called oleoresin capsicum, also referred to as OC. OC is extremely agitating to humans, causing severe reactions in the respiratory system.

During an attack, someone with pepper spray can aim it at their assailant's face and deliver short bursts of the spray. The attacker will experience temporary blindness from an excessive amount of tears, burning sensations on the face and in the throat, and difficulty breathing. Pepper spray typically comes in a canister and sizes vary from keychain size to larger canisters that should be kept in the home. The strength of the pepper spray varies, but even the mildest entry level formulations will debilitate an attacker long enough for the victim to get away to seek help.

Check out the different styles of self protection pepper spray Devil Will Cry offers today and see which is the most suitable!

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