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Traveling With Pepper Spray: Rules & Regulations for Airplane Trips.

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Those who travel frequently know all too well the restrictions on travel throughout the world are becoming more and more stringent, due to threats of terror. However, if you’re traveling alone being prepared for possible trouble is still vital. If you usually carry a trusty pepper spray keychain or product with you, chances are you won’t be able to do so if you’re traveling via plane. Of course, if traveling in your car or via train you can often carry these things without problem.

Traveling from country to country with pepper spray can seem nearly impossible, as some countries even outlaw pepper spray products. Even if you’re only traveling within the INDIA (from one state to another) you need to check regulations on traveling with pepper spray.

Pepper Spray Not Allowed in Carry-on Bags

If traveling via plane, you cannot carry mace or pepper spray in your pocket into the cabin of the plane with you. While it may be under the 3 ounce limit, pepper spray is designed to incapacitate someone, which means it can’t be on your body or in your carry-on bag. However, you may be able to pack it in your luggage and check your bag with the airline carrier. Most airlines will allow you to pack up to 4 ounces of pepper spray in your checked luggage (always a good idea to check with your specific airline). Be sure to check the size of your pepper spray canisters (most pepper spray sizes are okay) carefully before packing. Keep in mind there are some airlines which will not even allow you to pack disabling chemicals in your luggage, though.

Pepper Spray Allowed in Most Checked Baggage

It might be a good idea to inform the airline you are carrying pepper spray in your checked baggage, when you arrive to check the luggage. They must inspect the item and ensure it won’t go off unexpectedly. If this is your plan, be sure to have the canister packed in an easy-to-reach spot within your bag.

No Pepper Spray in Airport Security Checkpoints

It’s ridiculous to attempt to walk through airport security with a pepper spray canister on your body. Metal detectors will catch them, as well as other airport screening methods. Not only will the canister be confiscated but you could be questioned if you seem suspicious. This can be aggravating and can cause you to miss your flight.

If you find it too challenging to carry pepper spray with you during the traveling process, consider finding a place to purchase a new canister as soon as you arrive to your destination. If you are afraid it will be too challenging to find a new canister, you may be able to pre-ship a canister to your destination ahead of time. Then it will be waiting for you at the hotel or resort when you arrive. It is often best to have the manufacturer ship it straight from their warehouse to your destination to avoid any problems along the way.

Choosing to travel with pepper spray is an excellent idea. The only problem you may have is if you’re traveling via airplane. However, if you’re traveling via your personal car you can carry it as usual. It can help protect you as you stop for gas, use rest areas or if you were to break down on the highway and be approached by an attacker. Overall, it’s a great thing to have with you during your travels!

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