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What is the difference between regular pepper / mirchi spray and DEVIL WILL CRY self defence spray?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

  1. Normal pepper/ mirchi spray are made of 1 tea spoon of red chilli powder/ black chilli powder which is worth only 50 paise . They are selling it by mixing it with water and little alcohol. The total cost of this production is less than 25 rupees

  2. DEVIL WILL CRY is made of imported ghost pepper and mixed with sticking oil and major capsinoids which is then mixed with tear agent to cause instant effect of the formula.

  3. The nozzle used in DEVIL WILL CRY is also imported and unique which ensures maximum fire range.

  4. Normal pepper/ mirchi spray is not tested before sending it to you so the chances of them failing when you need them the most is high. DEVIL WILL CRY is tested right before it's send to you for quality. It also undergoes throw test to make sure it does not leak in your purse.

  5. , wikpedia,, all recommend DEVIL WILL CRY for self defence. There is no pepper spray who has certificate to third party testing aprat from DEVIL WILL CRY.

When people hear about assaults and other attacks on the news, it's easy to feel sympathy but think, "That will never happen to me." The reality is that people are victims of different types of attacks every single day, and no one ever sees it coming. One of the best things to do to proactively prepare for this situation is purchase and carry self defense spray.

Pepper spray is highly effective, whether the attacker is a person attempting to steal a purse, a robber trying to gain entry into a home, or even a wild animal on the chase. The pepper spray safety device gets its name because it contains oleoresin capsicum, which is an oil derivative of hot peppers. When the spray makes contact with an assailant, it is non-lethal but it does affect their entire respiratory system. Their eyes tear excessively, their nose runs constantly, they may experience difficulty breathing, and may even have temporary blindness. This reaction from the attacker allows the victim enough time to escape to safety, which can literally be the difference between life and death.

Devil Will Cry, based in Noida, UP, India, carries a range of pepper sprays in various strengths, and all can conveniently be carried in a purse, backpack, pocket, or even attached to a key ring. Self defense spray is typically effective from 6-15 feet away, and it has a wide range of spray, so the victim doesn't have to be particularly close to the attacker or have very accurate aim to debilitate him.

Practicing pepper spray safety is an easy, convenient, and affordable way to protect oneself and even potentially others. Pepper spray is ideal for a wide range of people, from students to women and senior citizens to employees who work late or overnight shifts.

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