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Anti Spy camera and alarm tool (rechargable with cable)

Anti Spy camera and alarm tool (rechargable with cable)

  • 【Ultra-high Sensitivity Camera Detector】:This detector can be used in personal place,homes, hotel rooms, dressing room, etc.It's prevent personal privacy leakage, anti-tracking, anti-hiding camera lens, anti-monitoring and other methods to protect your privacy.
  • 【8 Infrared Scanning Lights & 1 Flashlight】:The wireless detector is equipped with 8 infrared scanning lights and one illuminating light. When you find a reflective red spot, turn on the flashlight to help check if there is a hidden camera.
  • 【Loud Alarm】:The important point is that it can only be detected when the camera is working normally. If it is not powered on, it cannot be detected.Press the start anti-theft alarm button and hang the device on the suitcase or door. If there is movement or vibration, the device will send out an alarm and flash red and blue. Protect your personal and property safety.
  • 【Long Standby Time】:Built-in 300mAh rechargeable battery, full charge takes 2h, lasting 6-8h. USB charging, easy to carry, no need to worry about power.
  • 【Easy To Use & Carry】:Only two steps,first turn on the wireless detector, then press the "CAM" button,3 flashing methods,hold the wireless detector and look around and look for any hidden cameras through viewfinder.You can also accurately find hidden camera .Lightweight and portable
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