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For safety and security of everyone. Women safety is our priority

DISCLAIMER : "DEVIL WILL CRY" self-defence spray is 100% legal to use for self-defence. 

Women Safety Device for Indian women safety is need of today's India. The best Women's personal safety spray is DEVIL WILL CRY. It's a spray for women's safety but is also used by police and men who are in danger of being attacked. Our products are used by doctors, bank employees, police, army men and many more professionals as self defence spray. has also awarded DEVIL WILL CRY as the BEST PEPPER SPRAY IN INDIA after conducting thorough comparative tests. Each can of DEVIL WILL CRY is 100% tested before sending it to our customers.


Buy Best Pepper spray "DEVIL WILL CRY" for self defence

  •  #1 Recognized Brand for self defence pepper spray manufacturer in India.

  • 100% Quality Tested best self defence spray Products you can Rely On.

  • Made under "Make in INDIA".Uses International Japanese pepper spray formula.

  • Extended nozzle tech guarantees accurate fire on attacker and best fogger pepper spray formula helps to cover wide area.

  • Thoughtful design for zero backfire and best concentration for instant effect of pepper spray.

  • Only brand to have direct customer support for pepper spray uses in India.

  • DEVIL WILL CRY is not just a pepper spray / mirchi spray but it is best self defence spray that is highly effective as per world standard.

  • Extra strong "DEVIL WILL CRY" is the strongest self defence pepper spray  formula in India.


Personal safety should be the first priority of any individual. One should be well aware of the concept of self defense and should also be able to spread awareness about it to the near and dear ones, especially children and women.

You can also equip them with tools like self defence pepper spray. Use it if you genuinely feel a man is misbehaving or has malicious intentions. Most of times, it is also about being self confident and fearless when out there at times when you should be a little more protected and safe from dangers.

We at "DWC", aim at bringing the best self defence tools to companies and consumers world-wide. The most popular products involve pepper sprays . The best thing about pepper spray is that it is non-lethal and very effective in stopping attackers in their tracks.

It is suggested NOT to use the self defence spray for fun or with the intension of hurting someone who is harmless.

As a modern “weapon”, safety spray for ladies ensures that you feel protected all the time.  To know more about the safety spray for ladies, you can contact us and one of our team members will reach out to you as soon as possible.

We would also be happy to hear from you about your suggestions or experiences with the "DEVIL WILL CRY" products. Buy pepper spray Devil Will Cry for your protection and self defence only.

Buy Pepper spray/ self defence spray from only, as it's verified and tested by Getsuga. You should not buy pepper spray from local shop as they are not tested and use useless red chilli powder.You should buy pepper spray from authority website which is 100% quality tested and testing is done before the can is sent to you. When you buy pepper spray from we can also gift wrap it on your request.

Some cheap mirchi spray for women safety are sold in the market which are completely useless and can not be trusted for self defence. Red mirchi spray/ black mirchi spray are nothing but red chilli powder mixed with water. You should never buy such cheap product as you are not only wasting your money but also it keeps your life at risk.

When you buy DEVIL WILL CRY pepper spray/self defence spray you not only get a tested product but also the strongest formula blend of imported ghost pepper and getsuga's secret quick action formula spray which sticks on attacker's face and he will not be able to wipe it off with cloth/ water for 1 hour.

Note->We are getting multiple enquiries from Indians about paper spray. So let us clarify that paper spray is a wrong spelling for pepper spray and paper spray is nothing but a wrong representation for pepper spray or self defence spray.

Also let us clarify that this is not a attacker spray and can not be used for assault purpose. This is not a sleeping spray and it does not make the person unconscious.


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