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Practice Non-Lethal Self Defense With Devil Will Cry Pepper Spray

It is uncomfortable to think about, but people are assaulted and attacked all over the world every few seconds. Sadly, women, senior citizens, and children are the most vulnerable to being attacked, but the great news is that today there are numerous self defense options for people to protect themselves.

Aside from being mentally on alert at all times, another excellent option is to carry a non-lethal self defense tool, such as pepper spray. Numerous stories in the news detail elderly people putting a stop to home invasions, children scaring people following them home from school, and women fending off sexual assaults -- all with pepper spray.

Pepper spray is an excellent self defense tool that can be used by virtually anyone, in any circumstances. It is affordable, easy to get, and most importantly, highly effective. It works by delivering a powerful but non-lethal spray that's made of oil that comes from extremely hot peppers. The exact strength of the oil depends on the specific product, but Devil Will Cry offers a range of options to suit every need and preference.

Once the spray is activated and comes into contact with the attacker's face, a severe reaction happens, which includes excessive tearing and swelling of the eyes that can cause momentary blindness, difficulty breathing and, and pain and burning on the skin and in the throat and eyes. This is exactly why pepper spray is so effective as a non-lethal self defense tool, because it gives the victim a few moments while the attacker is incapacitated.

There are numerous styles and sizes of pepper spray, making it easy to carry in a car, backpack, purse, or on a key ring or leash. Pepper spray is effective from as far away as 15 feet, so the victim does not have to be particularly close to the assailant to use it safely.

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