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Do you think pepper spray has become a necessity today?

Updated: Feb 18

Pepper spray started as an initiative to counter violent crime with non-lethal means to save life by . The aim is to enable one person to fightback against multiple attackers at the same time.

Few points that makes DEVIL WILL CRY pepper spray tool a necessity of today are :

  1. Local goons, robbers and rapists are not trained fighters and when devil will cry pepper spray tool is used on them their eyes shut with pain, nose swells from inside, throat swells from inside. They face extreme difficulty in breathing and stamina to run and chase drastically drops. One can of 55ml spray is good enough for 4 people if used properly and unlike any other self defence tool does not require years of practice.

  2. Unlike Knife or Gun pepper spray if snatched by the attacker can not be used against you. Because when the attacker sprays on you the area becomes contaminated and anyone who approaches the area is also effected by it. This feature is not available in all pepper sprays especially gel bases but devil will cry self defence tool is made by advanced formula which makes it fog around the area and makes is easy to aim and instantly effective. To prove our point we have a incident that is recorded in Bengaluru - Read News

  3. Watch this video to know why not all pepper sprays are good and why Devil Will Cry innovative tool is a complete self defence solution.

Do we have examples to show that pepper spray actually works. YES !

So don't carry just a pepper spray carry Devil Will Cry safety tool.-

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