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Emergency College Essentials for Girls

Updated: Mar 3

College Life is a new and exciting chapter for life as a young adult. As young girls anywhere in the world, but specially in India we’ve got to be careful with the new found freedom college life affords us.

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind (and in bag) as you walk the streets

1. An Extra pair of shoes We don’t realize how big our college campuses are and how much we tend to walk till we have to do it barefoot. College gives us the opportunity to eat out, party late, study long hours and so much more. And it often happens that our flimsy flats don’t always keep up. It’s also really helpful in-case you get drenched in an unexpected rain shower.

2. Some Emergency Cash Cards are the new age cash, but always make sure you have some cash in hand ready. Whether it’s the last mile of transport, a quick bite from a small vendor or a last-minute college cash crunch, emergency cash is always handy.

3. A Pepper Spray As a college girl, you go to so many places. You are not just going to stay within the college premises, you are also going to spend time outdoors. In all situations day or night, specially if you take private transport, you must carry a pepper spray. DEVIL WILL CRY has a range of products that fit into most bags, are easily concealed and come with a UV Dye which is helpful to catch an attacker.

4. Your Chargers Nothing will bum you out, or make you feel a little lost like running out of battery. Whether it is your phone or your laptop, it’s imperative to have your chargers on hand for all situations. We also suggest keeping a power bank handy, specially for your phones.

College Essentials kit
College Essentials kit

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