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How Devil Will Cry pepper spray could save in Nirbhaya case like situations?

Updated: Jan 7

Carrying your makeup is normal for ladies then why not something for self defence and that also when it's so affordable? We have been asking this question to girls and also their brother, father, husband/ boyfriend.

What do you have for your safety? According to the 2021 annual report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 31,677 rape cases were registered across the country, or an average of 86 cases daily, a rise from 2020 with 28,046 cases, while in 2019, 32,033 cases were registered.

According to data, a total of 7,376 minor girls were kidnapped by their lovers in 2021. In all, 56,519 minor girls were kidnapped across the country in 2021, making it nearly 155 kidnappings per day.

This article wants to show how Cases like nirbhaya can be easily avoided. Give your daughter, sister, girlfriend/ wife gift of safety with Devil Will Cry safety tools

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With young generation understanding the value of women safety and so many events happening for the cause we believe it's the right time to adopt Devil Will Cry safety tools as gift for your loved once. For products overview -

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