Which is more harmful for eyes red Mirchi spray or pepper spray?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Both are the same. But beware as Mirchi spray is Indian term and some local pepper spray use red chilli powder used in food to make this Red mirchi spray. If you are buying a self defence spray then we won't advice you to buy local red mirchi spray rather you can buy pepper spray from a trusted company like DEVIL WILL CRY. DEVIL WILL CRY is the best pepper spray in India and is 200% more powerful than local pepper sprays.

This pepper spray is also recognised as the strongest pepper spray in India and is awarded by which is the best women rights organization.

Pepper spray is a non lethal spray for self defence and is not harmful to the eyes permanently. You can research about this more on . The do-it-yourself spray was launched in New Delhi recently by a city based NGO 'Mirchi Jhonk', to seek to encourage women to defend themselves against sexual offenders.


New Delhi: Straining and bottling half a tablespoon of red chilli powder in water makes for a ready-to- use spray that can be helpful for women to defend themselves against sexual offenders.

The do-it-yourself spray was launched in New Delhi recently by a city based NGO 'Mirchi Jhonk', to seek to encourage women to defend themselves against any such mishap.

According to Seema Malik, founder of the NGO, the 'Mirchi Jhonk' spray can be made at home with a simple technique that will cost not more than ₹ 25.

The product comes as a much cheaper alternative to other such sprays available in the market which cost anywhere between ₹ 170 and ₹ 400.

To familiarise the public with the idea, the organisation is giving out free samples with instructions to prepare the spray inked on the bottle.

"Mix 1/2 tea spoon of red chilly powder with water in a cup. Strain it with a thin cloth so as to leave excess powder.

Fill the strained liquid in the bottle. Recap the bottle with the sprayer pump," read the step-by-step instructions on the bottle.

"The motive is to encourage self-defense tactics among women so that they can protect themselves in all kinds of unfavourable situations.


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"We have made this spray as a small step towards this initiative and we will distribute it for free. The basic idea is to take this effort nationwide so that more women can come to us," Malik said.

Mirchi Jhonk also conducts self-defense classes at several parks across the city free of cost and are mulling tying up with government schools to impart the training to students at an early stage in life.

They also have a helpline number - 60606161 - for victims who often avoid approaching the police for help, fearing further harassment in the form of ceaseless questioning.

"Sometimes we send our teams to look into the cases of eve-teasing when women do not come out on their own," Malik said.

Former state Cultural Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yashwant Nikose, who was present at the launch, said, "It is the urgent call of today's time to reach out to more and more women living in rural areas."

The launch was followed by a series of dance performances besides a play titled, "Aagaz" that questioned discrimination meted out to women in the society by highlighting the numerous prejudices practised against them.

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